Sharon Castle
Brain-based Lifestyle & Wellness Coach

Whanadi Sobrevilla
Mindset & Health Coach

Shivani Gupta
Founder of Fusionary Formulas
Stressed by the demands of life?
Frustrated by lack of energy?
Craving sugar, bread or pasta?
Overwhelmed by negative thoughts?

Your full potential is under attack!

Attend this weekend training and get:

  • Clarity of thought & energy
  • In-person mindset coaching
  • Re-connected with your body
  • Your Brain Optimization Blueprint
  • Your Gut Restoration Plan



From 8 am to 5 pm

  • Session 1.1: From Dis-ease to Wellness Warrior

  • Session 1.2: Building Blocks 101: Cleansing, Primary & Secondary Food

  • Session 2: The Path to Warrior Woman & Beyond

  • Session 3: Dosha Quiz, Understanding Your Dosha, Food Combinations

  • Session 4: Ayurveda Tools and Remedies for Gut + Brain Health

  • Session 5: Changing Neural Pathways

  • Session Breaks: Basic Yoga, Breathing Techniques, and Meditation

(Complimentary Healthy Lunch & Snacks)


From 9 am to 5 pm

  • Session 1: Spot Coaching

  • Session 2: Feeding, Fasting & Optimized Brain Health – Holistic Plan

  • Session 3: 10 Daily Self Care Rituals + Super Spices, Ayurveda Detox Plan

  • Session 4: Lose your mind and create a new one

  • Session 5: Power of language – the gift behind the (not so great) behavior

  • Session 6: Closing Thoughts

  • Session Breaks: Basic Yoga, Breathing Techniques, and Meditation

(Complimentary Healthy Lunch & Snacks)

Message from Shivani Gupta
Message from Sharon Castle

Just consider:

“All disease begins in the gut.”


“Food is the most powerful medicine to heal chronic illness.”

Dr Mark Hyman

“Your brain is the control center of your body. If you want a better body, the first place to ALWAYS start is by having a better brain.”

Dr Daniel Amen

Denver  |  Miami
  • IIN Ambassador of Health & Happiness
  • Member of The International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC).
  • YogaFaith Visiting Instructor & Ambassador