“Unmatched energy and expertise”

Michaela Gabaldon, Director Fitness Wellness, Royal Caribbean Cruises

“Deeply empowering and effective”

Ana Estrada, Travel Curator and Entrepreneur

“Like a breath of beautiful fresh air”

LeeAnn Marie Webster, Queen of Telesummits

“Got my drive back”

Denise Salyards, Business Consultant

“Illuminated the stage”

Gila Kurtz, Co-Founder of DogIsGood.com

“Post session I felt incredibly empowered”

Jennifer Vera, Vera Strategies


Dana Raynard, YogaFaith Instructor, Ph.D. Doctor of Physical Therapy

“An amazing listener”

Georgianna Rivera, Author, Speaker, Event Planner and Creator of “Lineage Life Script”

“It was the first time I did not feel depleted”

Michelle Villalobos, Professional Speaker

I experienced an NLP coaching package with several sessions from Whanadi-Ann Sobrevilla. These sessions were dynamic and purposeful and encouraged me to look at my language and to choose more positive expressions to reflect my new feelings, emotions and goals. Whanadi is an amazing listener and was able to reflect back to me with deep wisdom what I was saying so from a point of awareness, I could move forward. The meditations I received during these sessions helped me to go deep and to tap into my own inner wisdom and intuitive guidance. New goals and new feelings came up for me to help me to move forward. I would highly recommend Whanadi’s programs and services. She is client oriented, always being there for me and for her clients. I made progress and was able to tap into my inner joy. Thank you Whanadi; it was an absolute pleasure working with you.”

Georgianna RiveraAuthor, Speaker, Event Planner and Creator of “Lineage Life Script”

I recently attended a women’s symposium and had the good fortune to witness one of the most powerful and moving presentations I have ever seen. Whanadi-Ann Sobrevilla illuminated the stage as she eloquently shared a story of drive, determination, and grit. Everyone was completely captivated as she spoke of her journey to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro as a young 16 year old. She was able to bring us all there as she faced the life changing decisions before her. She has a gift in making the stage part of a conversation that was relatable and drew me in, opening my mind for reflection. There were several phenomenal speakers at this event, but Whanadi was the standout favorite and most memorable.”

Gila KurtzCo-Founder of DogIsGood.com

My time spent talking with Whanadi was priceless! She guided my thoughts and allowed me the space and freedom to say out loud the things rolling around in my thoughts. Organizing, sorting, and adding detail to all areas of the thought process. I gained confidence in myself, in my communication with others, and made a game plan to achieve the goals I set out before me.”

Dana Raynard
YogaFaith Instructor, Ph.D. Doctor of Physical Therapy

Whanadi’s instruction surely enhanced our Yoga group exercise class at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Our employees would come out of her class every time with positive comments and feedback, asking when we will schedule more classes! Whanadi’s energy and expertise are difficult to match.”

Michaela Gabaldon
Director Fitness & Wellness, Royal Caribbean Cruises

Working with Whanadi has helped me to break through deep seated psychological patterns that were holding me back in my business and in my life. I came to her with a lot of fear and struggle around my visibility as I was taking my work to the next level. I immediately felt that she understood what I was going through and had the skills to guide and support me as I worked through some very sensitive issues. The processes were deeply empowering and effective. She held a very sacred space that allowed me to see that what I may perceive to be a set back is actually a gift with an important message for me, and how transforming my perceptions leads to the fulfillment of greater possibilities in my life. I recommend this work to anyone who longs to break through any kind of limitation and I am so grateful to have found such an intuitive and compassionate guide!”

Ana Estrada
Travel Curator and Entrepreneur

Whanadi helped me think through my current mindset and shifting to attack the root of things in our session. Post session I felt incredibly empowered and willing to take significant action. She allowed me the space in the session to really go in deep. It was a soothing and relaxing experience that I found to be very beneficial.”

Jennifer Vera
Vera Strategies

Although I have always been a very successful business woman, of late after a few setbacks, I was struggling to move forward in my life. I didn’t know why I couldn’t just do it the way I always did, after all I was the go to person when you wanted something done! I went to a Women’s brunch where Whanadi was the speaker and I was wowed by her presentation and even more so by her presence. She offered everyone a free discovery session and I put my name on the list. At that discovery session I learned so much about what was holding me back that I knew I needed to work with Whanadi to get my drive back and move forward creating a new reality for myself outside Corporate America.

After every session, I was exhausted mentally and emotionally, and the only reaction I could muster was “WOW” that was powerful! Each one brought more clarity into my mind about the fear that was holding me back and how I could use it to my advantage instead. I am now so much further down the path of creating that new reality and interestingly my business consulting practice has also picked up tremendously…the power of positive thinking.

I would recommend Whanadi to anyone who is struggling to move forward with something in their life whether that involves business, family, or health. Her skill at drawing things out is unlike anything I have ever experienced before but be ready to work and know that what you put in will come back magnified!”

Denise Salyards
Marketing Consultant

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